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Eda Kamis is an Istanbul based interior architect, graduated from Istanbul Technical University Interior Architecture. She has experienced in many international projects with the collaboration of designers from all over the world, especially US and Europe. She mostly focused on and keeps working on residential and commercial projects such as; house, office, restaurant, hotel, retail and furniture design. She gives services on design, consultancy and implementation scopes.

Interior design and application project for a 250 m2 squared villa.
A hotel project construction by following the spects of MLB design from Los Angeles, 9000 m2 closed area, 2000 m2 garden space, including 17 original historical turkish house ‘’konak’’.
The converting project of a guest room to a dressing with a bathroom function.
The turnkey projects and construction of French restaurant for 120 people including 120 m2 indoor, 60 m2 kitchen and 50 m2 garden space.
The turnkey project of 30 years old 160 m2 flat by infrastructure renovation, interior design and application.
The turnkey application project and construction of Italian restaurant for 160 people including 170 m2 indoor, 60 m2 kitchen and 100 m2 garden space.